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Circle of Goals

Full circle goals are collaborations with community leaders and organizations. Our goals concentrate on projects that meet the escalating needs of people in our communities.  We grow our circles by co-operating with the community, individuals, and organizations to advance our shared vision and reach our goals together.

Our projects create significant networks in both health and environmental healing practices. We deliver projects and services to underserved groups in the community that enable access to needed resources, education, and assistance. 

Natural Healing & Health

  • Complimentary Health Programs

  • Services & Providers

  • Preventive Treatments

  • Healing Therapy

  • Natural Medicine Services

  • Alternative & Unconventional Treatments

  • Natural Dental Options

Medical Services Conventional

  • Conventional Programs

  • Traditional Medical Providers

  • Mainstream Medical Specialists

  • Standard Medicine Services

  • Dental Services

Community Groups Served

Underserved Groups in the Community

  • Underserved Groups

  • Trauma & Disease Survivors

  • Women

  • Men

  • Elders

  • Youth

  • Low Income

  • Minority

  • Veterans

Educational Circles

  • Research

  • Support

  • Learning Educational

  • Resources

  • Information

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